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Onsite Services & Testing

Asset surveys and baseline risk assessments

We undertake electrical asset surveys where we will capture and catalogue the details of all the electrical assets on site and put together an asset register that can then be used to undertake a baseline risk assessment for all the electrical assets on site, taking into account their importance to the operation of the facility and the potential risk for damage to property or persons should the asset fail.


Our well trained onsite service team can undertake a wide variety of testing on site from the taking of oil samples and basic insulation testing through to loss testing and injection testing.  We undertake testing on transformers, cable and switchgear.  We will assist you in determining what tests need to be undertaken and will then provide a cost effective solution to give you the information you need.  We conduct both online and offline tests depending on the information required.

Servicing, maintenance and purification

Once the asset survey and tests have been conducted and the repair and maintenance items have been identified, we will then put together a program to attend to problems identified.  If the problems are greater than what can be attended to onsite, we will uplift the equipment and bring it to our workshops for repair.


Our onsite teams will undertake the installation of the equipment that we supply along with doing the installation if you already have the equipment.