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New Equipment

A list of equipment offered

We have a stock of new transformers, minisubs, switchgear and generators, if you need it in a hurry, call us, if we don’t have it we’ll get it for you as fast as possible!

Have a good look below at the products that we sell, if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call, or send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Distribution and power transformers ranging from 5kva to 100MVA and 132KV with copper or aluminium windings
  • Cast resin and dry type transformers up to 30MVA and 36kv
  • Flameproof transformers
  • Furnace and rectifier transformers up to 100MVA
  • Buck and Boost transformers
  • Special transformers – High harmonic applications, isolation transformers, earthing transformers

We have relationships with a number of OEM suppliers including – Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Efacec, and Actom, as well as a number of international suppliers whom we use for specialized solutions. We supply oil, SF6, Vacuum and air insulated products:

  • Ring main units up to 36kv
  • Fixed pattern  up to 36kv
  • With-drawable up to 40kv
  • Outdoor up to 132kv
  • Flameproof switchgear

We offer minisubs for various applications, customised to customer requirements.  MV compartments can be supplied with oil, SF6 or Vacuum switchgear and LV compartments will be customised as per specifications

  • Surface distribution type up to 1250kva 36kv
  • Construction type, skid mounted up to 3150kva
  • Underground and mining type units
  • Outdoor mobile substations, skid or trailer mounted up to 20MVA
  • Flameproof minisubs
Generator Sets

We supply a wide range of standard and customised solutions in open, sound attenuated and containerised configurations from 5kva to 3500kva using well-known brand engines, alternators and controllers.  We can supply ex stock items on short delivery or customised solutions to whatever the specification required.

LV Panels

We build LV panels to customer requirements.  We have in house design capability for the development of new designs or for the review of existing designs.  We build panels for motor starting and control, process control, protection or whatever our customer’s requirements are.


We supply cable for low voltage and high voltage applications using either aluminium or copper conductor as is required.

Electric Motors

We specialize in the supply of large slip-ring motors and explosion proof motors.

Flameproof equipment

We supply flameproof equipment for a variety of applications including transformers, mini-subs, variable speed drives, power centres, switchgear, cameras  etc.  We have a number of standardized solutions or we can build a customized solution if our off the shelf solutions are not suitable.

Specialized Solutions

We have a number of specialized solutions that we offer including power factor correction, power quality analysis, smart metering installations, motor starting, variable speed drives along with relays and protection systems.