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Financial Services

Hire of Electrical Equipment

Subject to availability we hire out transformers, motors, gensets and switchgear for breakdowns, or for short term contracts when purchase is not an option. For longer term hire, what we don’t have in stock, we will source or purpose build an appropriate and suitable solution.

Trade-in, Upgrade and Re-purchase

We offer a service where our customers may trade in their existing equipment (transformers, switchgear etc) against the purchase of replacement equipment either new or refurbished. In addition to the trade in service, we also offer a re-purchase service where we will undertake to purchase equipment at a time in the future depending on the customer’s requirements, regardless of whether or not we have sold the equipment to the customer. We buy used and redundant transformers, ring main units, mini-subs and switchgear, and generator sets along with electric motors.

Financing Options

There are some very good reasons to finance the acquisition of electrical equipment.  Electrical installations by their nature are capital intensive and require large sums of money to be invested in establishing the infrastructure at the beginning of the project before any cash-flow starts to be generated.

It is in this area that we are able to assist by offering a number of solutions that allow you as the customer to match the timing of your expenditure and production cash-flows which can often be the difference between a successful project and one that never materializes.  Please contact us and we can take you through the options and tailor a solution to meet your requirements.